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What is EC Base?

About EC Base

ISV's have a persistent mandate, which is to deliver faster. In today's world, ISV's have to cut through all barriers to entry and bring their IT and business closer, faster.

Application Architects, Developers, Managers, Director of Technology or CTO's of those ISV's who are holding a position to determine financial decisions concerning their product line should consider a Low Code Development Platform as their partner to cut down development time and achieve code standardization.

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What comes with EC Base?


  1. Built on SOLID Architecture
  2. Test Driven Development
  3. Dependency Injected Codebase

"Low-Code Development Platforms are so disruptive, that it shatters the notion that you need 6 months and a million dollars to create an Enterprise App."

What comes with EC Base?


List Manager

List Manager

Manage system lists as well as application lists right from the UI.

Menu Manager

Menu Manager

Control the functional pages, the administrative pages and one-offs, all at one place.

Security Manager

Security Manager

Manage all aspects of your application provisioning; Users, Groups and Roles, the whole nine yards.

DB Script Manager

DB Script Manager

Hassle free management of DB Scripts irrespective of the size of your development team.

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